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Cherepovets State University was founded as an integration of two institutions of higher learning. It became the only classic university in Vologda region. Today it is the center of research, education and culture in the region.

Cherepovets University - combining classical traditions with innovative approaches 

Cherepovets State University is a member of the Eurasian Association of Universities, a system of leading classic universities of Russia and CIS.

Cherepovets State University is a system partner of the government, business and civil society of the Vologda region and the city of Cherepovets, solving the issues of modernization in the economy and socio-cultural sphere, forming a space for development, participating in the transformation of the single-industry towns of the region.

The University consists of the School of Engineering and Technology, the School of Humanities, the School of Information Technology, the Business School, the School of Education and Psychology, the Faculty of Biology and Health Education.

6056 students study at ChSU (5189 undergraduate students, 243 specialist’s degree students, 624 graduate students), 94 postgraduate students. We have about 108 degree programs in different areas of study: bachelor degree programs - 53; specialty degree programs - 4; master's degree programs - 31; postgraduate programs - 20 areas.

Cherepovets State University received the status of a basic university of the region in 2017. ChSU was included in the first group of 8 universities-winners who received federal funding for the program of development. Also, according to the results of the competitive selection of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia, the University became the center of technological and social development of the region, the only one from the universities that fulfilled all seven indicators of the effectiveness monitoring.


The best students of the University can apply for personal scholarships of the governor, president, and partner companies. There are 62 laboratory complexes at the university. Nanotechnology, engineering, construction, metallurgy and other areas of activity are mastered here. The educational process is organized on the territory of over 80 thousand square meters. There are more than 1800 computers connected to the local network with the possibility of unlimited Internet access for staff, faculty and students of the University. The library fund has more than half a million copies of books and periodicals, the electronic library.

The Resource Educational and Methodological Center of the North-West Federal District of Russia for the education of people with disabilities has been created on the basis of the University. The network around Cherepovets Center includes 11 leading universities from 8 regions of the North-West Federal District.

All foreign students receive constant support from the specialists of the international department of the university. Among the issues - visas, migration services, medical insurance and much more. For those who are not sure about their level of Russian language proficiency, we have special courses, which allow one to master the necessary minimum of language in the shortest time.


There are more than 20 free of charge sections in our sports club "Burevestnik": aerobics, basketball, volleyball, american football, pilates, oriental gymnastics, karate, polyathlon, historical fencing, football, chess and others.

The staff and faculty of Cherepovets State University are always glad to welcome cheerful, initiative, active students. If you are like that, we hope to see you in our University as a guest, and, of course, as a student!


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