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Cherepovets State University has three dormitories, which can comfortably accommodate up to 1,300 students. We guarantee you a place on admission and at the time of entrance tests! The cost of living at the time of examinations is from 150 rubles ($ 2,5) per day. After enrollment the cost ranges from 892 to 1,400 rubles ($ 15-24) per month.

More information about the dormitories and how to check in is here.

You can also rent private or shared accommodation in the city. We can help you to find suitable accommodation. The average cost of a studio apartment rent per month is 9,000-12,000 rubles ($ 150-200). The cost of lunch in a University cafeteria is 80-150 rubles ($ 1,3-3,5), in cafes of the city - 150-300 rubles ($ 3,5-5).

Average living costs (if you stay at the University dorm) will be from 12,000 rubles ($ 200) a month, depending on your preference for food, leisure and clothing, mobile communications and the Internet expenses, etc. which is incomparable with living costs in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Another important advantage of the choice is compact size of the city and lack of transportation problems. You can always get around the city in 20-30 minutes taking a taxi (from 60 rubles, $ 1).

Every foreign student must have a medical insurance for the entire period of study.

Medical care will be provided at the City Clinic due to the requirements of your insurance company.

There are also First-Aids in the University.