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Please, take into consideration that all courses and exams at the University are given in Russian language. If you are confident in your Russian language knowledge, you can start the process of application. If you feel that your knowledge is not sufficient, you have to take a preparatory course "Russian as a Foreign Language" as well as Foundation courses in Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Computer science within the framework of secondary education school program that are given in Russian.

It takes about 6-8 weeks to consider your documents and issue an invitation to enter the Russian Federation.

Submission of documents to the Preparatory Faculty to learn the Russian language is possible at any time, but depending on the deadline, you may be offered two or three semesters of study.

To apply for the first year of Bachelor’s / Specialist’s / Master’s / Postgraduate studies, a candidate has to submit the following documents:

  • a copy of the document on education or qualifications and, if necessary, translation of this document into Russian.
  • scanned copy of a passport or other document proving identity and citizenship;
  • consent to personal data processing;
  • a copy of the medical certificate on the absence of contraindications for studying in the Russian Federation and on the absence of HIV and AIDS.
  • copies of other documents — for example, confirmation of victory in international Olympiads or professional competitions.
  • photo.

How to apply

1. Choose a program (degree, form of studies, major).

2. Prepare your documents, fill in an Application Form and send it to or you can also submit in person.

Admission starts on June 20th, 2022.

Deadline for Applications: 01.08.2022

You may need your education certificates/qualifications to be recognized. Please, click here to get the information about the recognition of education certificates/qualifications/degrees.

3. Wait while the Admission Board is considering your Application Form. Within 10 days you will receive a notice sent to your email address given in the above mentioned Form with the decision of the Board whether your application is accepted or rejected. If your Application is accepted, you will get a letter from us with detailed instructions about following procedures by email.

4. If your Application is accepted, the University will provide you with an access to an on-line examination system. Depending on the chosen degree program, you will need to pass three entrance tests.

It is not required to pass entrance test to be enrolled in the preparatory faculty (the degree programm entrance test will be held after the preparatory year).

5. After a successful verification procedure the University will provide you with an Electronic Visa Invitation from Federal Migratory Service that will be sent to you within 30 days by e-mail.

If you are going to get education funded by the Department of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, you should apply for an Invitation in the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your home country.

You have to conclude an Agreement with the University and pay tuition fees

6. When you receive an Invitation, you can apply for an education visa at the Embassy of the Russian Federation in your country.

7. When your visa is issued, you should inform us about it. Please, also inform us if you need accommodation at the University dormitory. We can book a single room or a bed in a twin room at the University dormitory for you.

8. You should arrive at the University at the set dates. 

! The originals of the documents have to be submitted upon arrival at the University.
! Contractual students will be enrolled after the receipt of funds to the university account.

For those, who apply for the Preparatory course of Russian Language:

Course starts when the group is fully formed. 
For providing you with visa invitation University takes guarantees from the applicant.

An agreement for education will be sent  to you, you need to sign it and send back.
You will also recieve an invoice, and need to make an advance payment of 30-50% of the tuition fees. After this procedures University provides you with the visa invitation and awaits your arrival for training.

Agreement and Payment

You may choose one of the options stated below:

  • pay tuition fee after concluding the Agreement: partly (25% of annual tuition fee before 1.10., 25% - before 30.11.) or fully. However, in order to do so you will need to pay in rubles, which is only possible in any affiliation of Russian banks that states rubles as its currency. In this case you may act on behalf of your authorized representative.
  • or pay full tuition fee in Dollars or Euro in any bank outside the Russian Federation after concluding the Agreement for education services. In such case tuition fee has to be calculated at taking into account the actual currency rate of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation as of the date of an invoice issue.
  • or you can find out more about possibilities of free education through the embassy of your home country in Moscow, which will consult Department of Education and Science.

You should arrive at the University by 01.09. to start the academic year.

Tuition and Fees

Bachelor's degree programs: USD 1500-2200 per academic year
Master's degree programs: USD 1800-2500 per academic year


If you have any questions, please contact Anastasiya Belova, the Head of International Department.
Phone: +7 (8202) 55-56-34, +7(931)514-85-71