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The Center for Student Culture and Creativity in Cherepovets State University holds a great number of various clubs and societies. To express themselves, to develop their talents and to find like-minded people - all that is real for our students. Every year, the best representatives of the University participate and win in city, regional, national and even international dance and vocal competitions.

The Center is located in the heart of the city, 14 Gorky str. Within 10 years, the center has become a place that unites all active and motivated students of ChSU. Here some youth organizations and movements were born, volunteer and cultural projects were generated, and many student initiatives have grown into new University traditions.

Irina Rozova, the Head of the Centre, its permanent leader and inspirer of its development since its foundation: "The Centre for Student Culture and Creativity is made to give opportunities for students and faculty of the University. It's not just art clubs under one roof. It is a place where friendship is born and grows stronger, where people find like-minded people and together they fulfill the most daring ideas into unique projects ".

Clubs at the centre:

  • Dance Aerobics
  • Vocal pop group "Breeze"
  • Intellectual Games Club ("What, Where, When", "Brain Ring")
  • Club of the Cheerful and Sharp-witted
  • Guitar Poetry Club
  • Modern Dance
  • ChSU staff and alumni choir
  • Student pop song group
  • Jazz Instrumental Band