Library and computing facilities Library and computing facilities



Today the library of Cherepovets University is an important information, educational and cultural center of the University. The library provides access to all kinds of information, it teaches to use scientific and educational resources, contributes to the development of intellectual and cultural potential of the University. Library staff also organises various events (exhibitions, educational workshops, subject reviews).

Electronic Library System (ELS) "Bibliotech" is a resource that allows you to read electronic books on various topics in pdf-format. In ELS there are 3,500 books, including 500 textbooks. There is also a section where publications of the University staff and students are presented. All students and faculty of the University have free access to the system.

Each ChSU student can connect to high-speed Internet: there are Wi-Fi zones and computer classes at the University. Over 1,800 computers of the university are in the local network.

All dorms also provide broadband network.