Mission & Values Mission & Values



The mission of the University is to create intellectual environment that contributes to social and economic development of Russia and Vologda region. The University combines traditions and innovative approaches to learning and research as essential parts of professional training.

Our values ​​come from humanistic ideals of Russian education: quality and depth, accessibility, continuity, freedom of thought and expression and opportunity for developing intellectual and human potential.

Professionalism. We strive to achieve a high level of competence in our field, to be responsible and conscientious to our duties, to perform our tasks punctually and with high quality for the benefit of the University, to use resources in the best possible way.

Focus on development. We welcome continuous improvement, creating the conditions for the development of talents and abilities of students and staff of the University. We strive to continually improve and develop our competence.

Result orientation. We aim to achieve the best results with optimum utilization of human, intellectual, material and financial resources, to develop and implement research and technology in the educational process and in different areas of social, economic and cultural life of the University. We always act in the interests of the University, its students and staff.

Respect for people. The University creates an atmosphere of mutual respect and support among students and staff. Together we honour our commitments. We fairly assess the work of students and staff.  We foster the development of their potential and initiative. We take into account and recognise contribution, experience, knowledge and talents of everyone, regardless of social status. We respect an individual's right to freedom of thought, we are tolerant to any differences between us. We are open and friendly in communication and discussion of the University problems.

Partnership. We are a team working together where everyone is responsible for the total result for the benefit of the University. Our actions are based on trust, mutual support and responsibility. We respect and value external partners of the University, we examine their expectations and promptly respond to current demands and future needs. We are open to cooperation with domestic and foreign educational and research institutions, civil society organizations, government and companies. In all areas of its activities ChSU holds the position of fair, free and open competition.