Undergraduate Research Undergraduate Research



Undergraduate research is a mandatory, integral part of the education of qualified professionals at the University. Its purpose is to give students professional and scientific experience to form, develop and use their creativity and intellectual capacity.

Student research at the University includes:

  • participation in scientific problem groups, academic seminars, societies;
  • participation in student scientific societes;
  • work in student research laboratories, student design bureau etc;
  • participation in scientific conferences, symposia, scientific and technological exhibitions of various levels (department, interdepartmental, university, city, regional, national, international);
  • participation in academic competitions;
  • participation in competitions of students research papers;
  • preparing of scientific articles (abstracts) on their own and in collaboration with faculty of ChSU;
  • participation in competitions for grants (Russian and foreign research funds);
  • work for state contracts, agreements with state research foundations, as well as economic agreements;
  • participation in international research on contracts.

Annual activities of student research:

  • student academic competitions;
  • Student Scientific Conference;
  • competition for the best student research work.